Aziz asked the Police conduct a thorough investigation into blast of a smoke grenade

Jakarta, NAWACITA- The House of Representatives (DPR) deputy speaker, Aziz Syamsuddin, asked the National Police to conduct a thorough investigation into this Tuesday morning’s blast of a smoke grenade at the National Monument (Monas) Square which injured two army personnel.

“We ask the police to uncover this case by collaborating with related agencies for the sake of law enforcement and for seeking a solution to problems that may disrupt public security,” he told journalists in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The police investigators, including those from the counter-terrorism squad Densus 88, need to find the culprits and uncover their motives because the blast of the smoke grenade occurred ahead of this year’s Christmas and New Year’s Eve holiday season.

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Meanwhile, the Jakarta Military Command (Kodam Jaya) confirmed earlier that the smoke grenade blast injuring two army personnel engaged in sports at the Monas Square area, Central Jakarta, was not an attack.

“No one launched an attack on them,” Lt Col Zulhadrie, the Kodam Jaya spokesman, stated while adding that Sgt Major Fajar and Master Private Gunawan were partaking in sports and a fun walk at the area along with their colleagues from the Jakarta garrison.

During the fun walk, they came across a plastic bag containing a smoke grenade. However, it exploded all of a sudden and caused injuries to the two ill-fated army personnel, who were then hospitalized at the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital (RSPAD).

In connection with this case, the Jakarta Metropolitan Police stated that Sgt Major Fajar and Master Private Gunawan were the eye witnesses in the blast since they were among those who firstly knew of the blast and heard it.

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