Nadiem has appealed to teachers to start small changes

Nadiem has appealed to teachers to start small changes

NAWACITA– Education and Culture Minister Nadiem Makarim has appealed to teachers to start small changes in their classrooms.

“Changes cannot be started from the top. It begins and ends in the teachers’ hand. Do not wait for a command. Take the first step,” Makarim noted in his speech during the commemoration of National Teachers’ Day here on Monday.

The minister has called on teachers to encourage student engagement in discussions instead of telling them to listen, offer them an opportunity to teach in class, initiate a social program that involves all students, assist students with confidence issues discover their talents, and provide guidance to other teachers in need.

Through these small changes made by teachers, Indonesia will move forward, he noted.

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Makarim has also touched on tough tasks that teachers have to conduct.

Teachers are responsible for shaping the future of the nation, but at the same time, they are bogged down by administrative issues. There are more regulations than help for teachers, Makarim pointed out.

Makarim affirmed that teachers are keen to help slow learners become at par with other students in the class but they face time shortages owing to extensive administrative duties.

Makarim vowed to not make promises he could not fulfill, but he ascertained that he would fight for the freedom of education in Indonesia.

National Teachers’ Day is commemorated on November 25, concurrently with the anniversary of Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI).

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