212 alumni organize “Mujahid 212 Save NKRI” rally in Jakarta

212 alumni organize "Mujahid 212 Save NKRI" rally in Jakarta

Jakarta, NAWACITA- Several alumni of the 212 rally staged another rally called the “Mujahid 212 Save NKRI (Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia)” in downtown Jakarta on Saturday.

Budi Setiawan, organizer of the action, had earlier refuted a report of the rally being postponed.

“It is not true. We go ahead with the action. It is not postponed,” he noted here on Saturday.

Several parties were keen to thwart the implementation of the rally, he pointed out.

Chairman of the organizing committee Edy Mulyadi revealed that the rally began from the Hotel Indonesia (HI) Circle at 8 a.m. local time, and the demonstrators will march toward the palace.

“With the spirit of Mujahid 212, we once again are keen to see a change for the better in Indonesia,” he stated.

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Muslims are keen to contribute optimally to realize a better Indonesia. This was also since the country’s security personnel had employed repressive measures against the demonstrating university students, resulting in injuries to several of them and deaths of many others.

He also expressed concern over a riot in Wamena in Papua Province that resulted in the deaths of over 30 non-native people and compelled more than thousand migrant workers to flee the province.


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